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Building Platforms

Web platforms

We know that engaging a web expert can be costly and overwhelming.

We know this as we have experienced this first hand ourselves and found it difficult to find a transparent expert who could get us to where we wanted to be fast at a fair cost.

We have done the hard work for you and introduced web platforms, your own ‘modern private cloud’, to keep things simple with high quality for our clients and cut out the nonsense.


Our web platforms offers sustainable living by providing you with:

Your own server to reduce your website costs and on-going fees while avoiding vendor lock-in.

Greater performance, increase efficiency and flexibility;

Giving control back to you with full security, all from the one location of your choice.


We place great value on our clients fundamental needs, which is primarily giving control back to you without the workload, so you can run your own business in a cost effective and sustainable fashion.

Our principles and standards are of the utmost importance to us and we provide solutions and teach skills to our clients to work efficiently and reduce cost in a simple way.


Web Platfotms in conjunction with "Alinement is 'hands-on'.

"We build homes, designer furniture and web platforms."

We build web platform servers with your hardware specifications. Workshop 3121 will assist you in the content structure for your business.


Our team uniquely offers a comprehensive range of skills on web platforms. We offer:

web design

Tutorial in developing content for your web site.

Tutorial in adding content to your web site.

web hosting

Shared or dedicated environments from a secure location of your choice.

WordPress or html on your platform

Mail server with postfix and dovecot